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The RunShine Daily Maintenance Pad is a high efficiency, effective cleaning product that also saves time and money. The product provides users with a cleaner and smoother floor. It improves and maintains the appearance of a coated polished floor economically. The Daily Maintenance Pad is made of a combination of dense synthetic non-scratch fibers, which reduces the amount of water required in the cleaning cycle. The pad is designed to use with an auto scrubber (e.g. Tennant 5680 Walk-Behind Auto Scrubber).

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7", 9", 11", 14", 16", 17", 20"

Spec Sheets

The RunShine Daily Maintenance Pad is ideal for chemically sealed and/or coated floors such as:

• Sealed or coated polished concrete

• Terrazzo

• Marble

• Ceramic Tile

• Travertine

• Porcelain

• Natural Stone


• Linoleum

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